To us TUSKER, Sustainability is a way of doing business that embodies our commitment to environmental, social, and economic growth. With a focus on responsible business practices, TUSKER aims to create a positive impact in the world around us.

At its core, sustainability is about growing value together with all stakeholders: including you as our consumers, our employees, customers, shareholders, and the wider community. This means taking a strategic approach that considers both the short-term and long-term impacts of our actions.

Sustainability is one of the pillars that we strongly believe in, in line with making the SDGs 2030 Agenda a reality towards implementing the global goals.

Not only do we pride ourselves in ongoing waste reduction strategies, but we have also partnered with KWS (Kenya Wildlife Services) since 2021, to boost conservation efforts of the endangered African Savannah Elephant species. The decision to lend support to conservation efforts was an easy one to make, noting the historical link between Elephants and the Tusker brand.

Over the years, and in all the events we have been doing from Safari Sevens, and TUSKER Fest, to OKTOBAFEST, our goal will always remain deeply rooted in creating a lasting social impact.

Through its brand TUSKER, KBL has also been able to set up community projects around Amboseli National Park such as the provision of easy access to water through digging boreholes. This is aimed to avert the frequent human-wildlife conflicts over resources.