Tusker Draught is the same Tusker beer that we all know and have loved for the past 100 years. Instead of being bottled or canned, like conventional Tusker Lager, this one is packaged in keg barrels. This keg barrel packaging carries the full aroma and freshness of Tusker straight from the brewing tanks and into your glass.

Tusker Draught delivers a cooler, elevated way of enjoying Tusker, that delivers on taste & freshness – making it perfect for chill times with friends, ‘baada ya kazi’ over some good conversation or alongside a delicious meal.

For those craving a more personalized experience, a Draught soiree is available on https://ke.thebar.com/party-pack/DELUXE/view/134 . From an epic entertainment setup to a dedicated bartender, consumers are immersed in the world of Draught through unique tailored experiences.