TUSKER is a popular Kenyan beer that has been enjoyed for generations.
What makes it very special is the sourcing of the ingredients. 100% of our barley takes root in the Savannahs of the Maasai Mara region. 100% of the yeast that makes Tusker is developed in Kenya, and the water in Tusker is gushed from the natural spring of the Aberdare Mountain ranges.

The brewing process of TUSKER is an art form that involves a careful balance of science and tradition. From the selection of the finest ingredients to fermentation and packaging, every step is meticulously executed to ensure that each bottle of TUSKER delivers a crisp, refreshing balanced taste that’s immediately likable, just the way you like your beer.

The first step to making TUSKER Beer is malting. Here the barley is harvested, heated, and dried.

The barley is what gives TUSKER its slightly sweet, malty taste and wheaty aroma.

The next steps are kilning and milling, whereby the barley gets heated in a kiln to release flavor and color. It is then crushed to form a grist (also known as flour). Thereafter, the grist is steeped in hot water and filtered to create wort – this process is called Mashing. After that, hops are added and boiled together to add that slight bitterness to the beer to create a perfectly balanced, immediately likable taste.

Next is the fermentation process where yeast is added. Yeast is what produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. After that, the beer goes through Maturation – which involves the removal of yeast from the beer in preparation for packaging, and then it's finally bottled for YOU to sit back, relax & enjoy.